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Mexicans were brought to Hawaii by King Kamehameha III back in 1830
to teach the Hawaiians the ways of cattle ranching. Since the arrival of the paniolos,
many more have come and spread out roots throughout the island chain.

Can you trace back your Mexican roots in the state?
Do you know anybody from a new wave of Mexican immigrants to Hawaii?

We are looking for people of Mexican-descent, Chicanos, or Mexicanos
to participate in a documentary about Mexicans in Hawaii.
It doesn’t matter if you just moved here, or can trace roots back a few generations,
we want anybody who might be interested in sharing their story on camera.

The project is intended to provide a brief historical background on
Mexican migration to the island chain, and put a face to some of the realities
Mexican people encounter in Hawaii today. Moreover, this documentary can also be an
opportunity to explore and defeat stereotypes that surround Mexican people.

We are currently looking for people to commit to a 1-2 hour interview.
Interview questions will be related to general broad topics such as:

- Reasons for coming to Hawaii.
- Family history, and if any, roots to hawaii.
- Cultural assimilation to local culture.
- Social interactions at work, home, and other social environments.
- Differences between here, mainland, and or Mexico.
- Things Hawaii residents should know about Mexican people living in Hawaii.

If you are ready to participate, we are holding a series of recording sessions throughout
the end of the year. We have a couple of studio locations, Kakaako and Mariner's Ridge.
We can also set up individual sessions contingent upon participant's availability.
To make a appointment, please send any questions to:

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